Dating a girl I work with. HELP?

Okay so I work as a bartender/waiter and a couple of months ago this new girl started, she's amazing basically. We flirted back and forth for a while, then a group of us went out one night and we hooked up. Great! But now i'm struggling. We've hung out a couple of times and we get on really well. We had a talk about the whole 'don't date people you work with' thing and I suggested that we try to not interact as much at work (as she doesn't want everyone knowing cause she's still quite new). It feels kind of odd doing this but because I want to talk to her and it feels kind of weird when she talks to other guys at work.

I am an overthinker haha and I may be doing just that in this case, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Basically I want to know how I should play it, as I said, I really like this girl. Should we just keep hanging out outside of work and trying to not be to intimate whilst at work? Suggestions please! :)


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  • Ask her out.


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  • I don't let such rules get to me when I've got strong feelings for someone even the workplace. I do think you've seriously over thought this when you could have just said that you are into her and would like to continue seeing her outside of work and just keep the work relationship part out of the budding r/s you are starting.

    • Yeah true man, thanks for the help :)

    • @Asker - Anytime man, been there done that many atimes!

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  • You are one hardcore mother fucker, Well personally i dont like hiding things, i would properly just tell everyone that we had some shit going on together :)

    • Haha trust me if she didn't want to keep it on the down low for now I probably would have told everyone
      Thanks man :)

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