I really want a girl to spend time, date and have fun with?

First of all, I'm not desperate for one, I would really like to share awesome moments with a girl. I'm not too fussed about the relationship aspect of it all, but if it comes, it comes.

I want to go on loads of exciting and original dates with her... have hour long intellectual conversations with her about things we like and things we would like.

I want to be able to share my deepest, darkes secrets with her and feel no sense of regret. I want us to be able to tease eachother without getting hurt.


I'm going back to Uni at the beginning of next month, and I would really, really like to bump into this kind of girl... :(

What do they look like? Are they shy or mysterious? I really want one!


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  • Sounds great that you want to find a girl like that and hopefully you will soon.

  • You'll find one!

    • I hope so...

      I've had really bad luck with the women I've dated/been with before. All of them are psychos hahaha!

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