She just got out of a relationship, what do I do?

So I met this girl last weekend who worked at Wegmans and I just went up and talked to her. We hit it off right away and I got her number. Later that night we grabbed some ice cream and ate it down by the river. We sat on this bench swing that over looked the river. It was really romantic because we saw shooting stars and could see the reflection of it on the water. We talked for hours and just clicking on all levels. Finally she kissed me and from then on it was amazing. It was cold so we cuddled really close and just enjoyed the beautiful view. Sometimes we would just star at each other and smile at each other and kissed. Honestly I could talk for hours about that night. We were there just before the sun rose. The next day she met my family and she loved them. My sister said she couldn't keep her eyes off me. So she is clearly into me cause I made sure she initiated a lot of the intimacy. Like if she wanted to kiss I would hold back just a little so that if she really wanted to kiss me she did. A week later I texted her asking if she was doing anything the next weekend cause I wanted to visit her. She told me she just got out of a three year relationship with this guy. She also said that she doesn't want to be glued to her phone all semester cause she is about to start grad school. So is that a good thing cause that means she likes me so much it would be too distracting of we dated? I don't know... She said it's just not a good time right now. Maybe if she didn't just get out of a relationship it would have turned out differently? I don't know I really don't know what to do. Should I give her some space and maybe once she finally starts school and gets into a routine maybe just check in how she's doing? I don't know how to play this :/ last we texted was today so if I don't hear from her by next week maybe just send her a hey good luck with school text or something? I don't know :( I need some advice


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  • She may be on the rebound which could lead you into a getting hurt situation unless you don't care if she uses you for her rebound. If you do care... You might want to keep your distance until the dust settles a little longer.


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  • This is difficult, sorry to hear about your trials. A couple of things, she seems like a nice girl who's met you at an inopportune for her. I suppose this is where in the films you'd visit her intermittently for a weekend or something. To be honest though, I don't think there is a right thing to do. Perhaps she's someone who needs a bit of pushing, or perhaps pushing her would be the worst thing... I wish I could help, but at this point it would only be suggestions and you would still have to make the decision on your own. But it sounds like you really like this girl, so it sounds a good idea to fight for her in some way. Best of luck to you! Hope it works out!

    • Thanks! No that really helped and needed to hear that. I think I'm gonna give her a little space to focus on school and try to start it up again in like a month

    • Alright, all the best!

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