Would you refuse to be with someone because they're in a wheelchair?

Say you meet a great guy online or through a friend who you're really into and treats you right and it's all just genuinely awesome. Then you guys decide to meet and he hasn't lied to you in anyway, but it turns out he's in a wheelchair. he doesn't need assistance, he just happens to need a wheelchair. Do you dump him just for this? Or if you met him in person and then got to know him and like him, would that change whether or not you would/wouldn't be with him because he's in a wheelchair?
  • I still would. Wheelchair not a deal breaker.
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  • I wouldn't. Wheelchair is a deal breaker.
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  • I don't get why anyone would count a wheelchair as a deal breaker. They're no less independent than anyone else (depending on the individuals outlook on things) and if you were on the receiving end of that discrimination you'd be yelling out the unfairness of peoples judgement.

    Besides, it gives you a few more ways to pamper your partner or tease them. Like pushing them where they want to go so they can save their arms or battery, or putting stuff on the top shelf so they have to call you to get it. (Nothing important of course, like the coffee)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Not a chance. I want to be able to go places, run around, play sports, go to the beach, go on hikes and of course have sex and be able to have children.
    I would never waste my time catching feelings for someone in a wheelchair in the first place.
    Sorry it's the truth

    • Most people in wheelchairs can still have sex and make babies. They can also go to the beach and go on hiking trails. And they can definitely go places. Not only is your ignorance incredibly offensive, but your arrogance is vile. The only thing on that list I can't do is run. Because there are many sports I CAN play.

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    • It's not white knighting when it's true. We are just as capable.

    • No doubt I'd be helping a person in a wheelchair out at some things. I don't want to do that. I want someone just as capable as me.

  • This would Be Unconditional Anything here, dear, that could turn into Unconditional love, and I would have to have a Mindset to know what I am getting into before Allowing myself to wear my heart on my sleeve.
    If I knew all of this and my heart would just go a flutter, Nothing would stop me.
    I worked for a guy who was in a wheelchair and he fell for me. It made no difference that he was wheelchair bound, and I even told my family if he was my Type, I would have stayed with him in his apartment in New York and never moved to PA with them.
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 4

  • Assuming the girl still worked down there, then no it wouldn't be a deal-breaker.

    And before anyone accuses me of being a perv, it's not because I still want to be able to have sex with her. One of my biggest dreams is to be a father one day, and NO girl is worth giving that up.

    I'm willing to adopt, but I want to have at least one child that's half of me and half of the love of my life.

  • The most wonderful woman I've ever known, who I will regret forever not having asked out, was blind. So no, I don't care about different-skilled people.

  • Yes I definitely would. Being in a wheelchair doesn't make the person any less of a human being. And if I like her personality I'll be with her.

  • My girlfriend uses a wheelchair.


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