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I went out with guy. Just got back from a date. At the end of the date he leaned in for a kiss. I well have not dated anyone for 3 months and feel like it has been a while since I kissed someone. Hahha maybe it is not really that long. But I was the aggressive kisser. I saw he was not the worlds best kisser. So I was more aggressive. He then said you better go before I get handsy and then said I have a problem with that I am working on that. He leaned in to kiss me again. I kissed him aggressively again. He asked if I planned to kiss him like that and told me I was furious(fur-rosh-ish)sp?. He said come on I thought we weren't going to lie.

I was lying but did not want to say so. So I said no. I asked if that was good or bad the way I was kissing him and he said it was okay. He leaned in again and I kissed him again. I then got out of the car and said I had never hear that I was furious and he was handsy and he then said I will call you on Sunday good bye sexy lady when I get back from out of town. So what does all of this mean. Guys your take. It was our first kiss. Was it bad I was like this? I was somewhat shocked at myself.


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  • No, kissing aggressively is not a bad thing, but don't be afraid to lighten it up sometimes too. Everyone has their own style, their own technique, fin out what suits you best and use it to your advantage.


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  • Is it me or is he dating you just to have sex =/ but anyway aggressive kissing can spike things up, especially from a woman.


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