Girls, Am I being paranoid of loosing a special friend?

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Went on 2 dates with a girl - 3 years ago and then she moved out of province to be closer to her sister, which is understandable and we lost contact for 3 years.

We reconnected on FB a while back and I was seeing her on a regular basis for massage theropy. I finaly got her out to a French Restaurant, had an amazing time out. Ending with a Kiss on the lips and I said I love you and she said "I love you to".

We havnt seen eachother in about a month now as I was out for a week on holidays and I believe she just got back from the East Coast. She starts a new job as a holistic nutritionist in September and she had said somthing happend with another girl at the massage place while I was on holidays and had indicated she would come up to see me for appts which is fine I went out and bought all the table, linens, oils, ext.

However I feel she is very distant this week, now taking up to 3 days to respond to txts. She is very private so I wanted to buy her flowers and wish her luck on the Job and most recent text was to ask her what her favorite flowers are, no reply since this morning. I think the trip away for 10 days out east may have affected / lost connection with her, I might just be paranoid in loosing her?

Thoughts / Opinions would be greatly appreciated as she is like my Special Friend


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  • I think your just over thinking it, she's proably just really busy with her new job & it sounds like she travels a lot too, so it could just be cuz of those two reasons. I'm sure it's fine, just give her some time to reply back. :)


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