I hung out my ex yesterday for the first time in almost a year and I could use some help?

So around this time last year i met her and we hit it off, we hung out a few times and ended up dating, we dated for about 2 months. Then she broke up with me for her own reasons, she assured me it had nothing to do with me. she's the kind of person who is always busy with work and she works really hard in school. So she's busy a lot, has strict parents so sometimes its hard to see her. To sort of sum up this past year we have still been in contact, she would message me a good amount of times on snapchat, even one time a kissy face, through out this time I've always asked to hang out, she would agree, she even picked times and dates, and every time bailed. This happened on numerous occasions. After this i stopped talking with her for a while. After months she talked with me first and eventually I asked to chill, we made plans and it never happened. So I got angry and i told her off but we talked and she said would see me but she couldnt the next day and told me so. After that she would keep messaging me, but we never did chill, eventually I stopped talking with her again for a while. Yesterday I liked her picture on facebook and not long after she messaged me and eventually she asked to chill. So we get to chill finally and it went well, we went to get food and caught up, She asked if i was seeing anyone. She was also playing with her hair sometimes. So we left and she dropped me off at my house. We come inside and watch tv for a few mins before she has to leave, i hug her good bye and i go for kiss and we kissed several times. Afterwards she mentioned she was surprised, then i go outside to her car, we hug and kiss again. She was my 2nd girlfriend I've had and i really like her, she mentioned yesterday about hanging out today but i texted her and didn't here anything back. Its not just me she's been bailing on, when i was with her she told me how her friend is really mad at her for never seeing her. Im not really sure what to. Any advice would be awesome thanks!


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  • Something is not adding up. Maybe she's playing games but me personally I would walk away

  • Keep in mind that she has a very busy schedule, AND on top of that, has strict parents. Wait for her to make plans, and if she bails, bail on seeing her again.


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