Is he avoiding me?

Been dating this guy exclusively since we met 2.5 months ago. So far we've been seeing each other 2 - 3 times a week and been having sex everytime we see each other after 1 month of dating.

Last time I saw him we didn't have sex he said he is too tired, but he was affectinate we shower together, played video games and he got me medicne as I was a bit unwell.

This Saturday night he didn't offer to see me, he asked if I want to do entire Sunday and Monday night. I asked if he is busy with his family on Saturday night. He responded only in the day time but not sure if I will have energy left. I didn't respond and he wrote Still welcome to come over but I will be sleeping early.


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  • Ask him what's up.. Has his work schedule changed?

    • Sure I will ask. Anyway he is going to pick me up on Saturday and will spend over 48 hrs together in a roll

    • Cool! Enjoy

    • Thanks and I asked him about his work shedule. He said he's always been busy but he hasn't been performing. now he really is being productive during the day. he said he feels like he hasn't changed as he still text me everyday just not as often as used to.

      I'm glad we talked about it

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