She likes me but has a bf?

So for like a year, I caught this girl showing me all kind of interest and I was about to make amove but some dude while on vacation made his move and they ve been together. But now, we are in the same class and No joke She can stare at me the WHOLE class and when I look her way she quickly looks away not to add that she always make eye contact... you know the obvious tell tale signs

But she has a boyfriend what should I do? It s obvious that she really likes me but at the same time, I donT want to be the homewrecker and again I want to be her friend at least.
I dont give/never gave her attention


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  • Well, I want to say just dont go there at all cuz its a sticky situation since u have feelings for her but if u really want to be her friend then u should go befriend her. Just try Not to cross that line of messing up her relationship with her boyfriend. If u feel u will cross that line don't do it lol.


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