Guys, I looked through my boyfriends phone and he flipped out on me?

My boyfriend left his phone in the car with me, sitting right in front of me for a good 15 minutes, so I snooped. I know that I shouldn't have, but he's always protective of his phone so I was curious. As soon as he came back I asked him who he texted and told him I looked through his phone. He got so angry and told me that as soon as we got home I needed to get my stuff and go home. He's not going to break up with me, but is this unhealthy? Or was I just in the wrong for looking through my own boyfriends phone? He really didn't have anything to hide by the way. He just texted on of his friends from college, and I already know who she is and everything. She also lives in a different state so I have nothing to worry about.


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  • should not have snooped should have asked for permission. That for me would have set the relationship back to the beginning. Cause to the massive loss in trust in you. That means being hestiant and distant about kissing or being close cause im still figuring out if i can really trust you. If i were him.

    • But I do trust him? It was just lying there right in front of me, so I looked? He's my boyfriend. I wouldn't care if he looked through my phone? I trust him, I just was curious and didn't know it was that big of a deal. This is my first real relationship and I guess I just don't see why I shouldn't be allowed to see what my own boyfriend is up to.

    • Thats why you ASK, not snoop. you invaded his personal space I get its your first relationship thats why he's giving you slack but if it was your secondd or third you would have to begg him to stay.

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  • Seems like he has secret flings going on that he doesn't want u to know about 😘

    • No he doesn't. I just told you I looked through his phone and didn't find anything...

    • Shure u look deep enough or juz one spot? there's no reason for him to be flip u off if he doesn't have anything to hide from u '-'

  • You showed him you do not trust him. How is he supposed to live with someone that doesn't trust him?
    You should never go through anyone's private stuff without their permission, especially with the intentions of finding something bad.

  • unfortunately for anyone doing that means you have the capacity or mental capacity to look through ANYTHING... the one thing you did do was tell him which kinda helps in a weird way long term, when he calms down he will realise you did own up to it and therefore knew it was ultimately wrong

  • In most countries there's laws against that


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