Does he like me?

I'm madly in love with my manager hence I'm 18 he's 30... I feel as if he throws signals at me but Im not sure when that is since I've never had a boyfriend.. He talks to me the most and is always so attentive, he's no where near attentive with my other coworkers
Yes I'm only 18 my mentality is of a 25 year old grown woman :)


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  • One of the ways to tell if someone might be interested in you is based on how they treat you. If he treats you different than other

    • Got cut off. As I was saying. If he treats you different than others, meaning better, than he might have a crush on you.

    • You think so? I would think he wasn't interested because I'm only 18 but mature wise were at the same level my coworkers even notice

    • age soley does not determine whether one person likes another or not

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  • He probably likes you and wants to be more than just friends.

  • he probably likes you but he seems to old for u you probably should go for young guys in there 20s or 19 or 18

  • He's too old, I think u should go for someone around ur age


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