So you like someone and tell them that, but then you meet someone else?

So you have been talking to a certain person who you have been getting to know slowly and finally gave hints saying you like them but you are still holding back. They message you giving hints they like you too, but none of you have actually said ' i like you". But then after giving and recieving the hints you meet someone else and get to know them quickly, within a few days and they say they like you straight up and you feel the same way.

What would you do with this new person you like and also the other person you have been slowly getting to know? How would you respond to the original person if you chose this new person?
  • Keep talking to the original person but don't drop hints, and if they say they like you then thats when you tell them you already found someone else
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  • Tell the original person straight up that you found someone else and that they should stop talking to you, or you can only be friends.
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  • You did like them and you wanted to be with them but someone else came along and said i like you straight up before you could tell them
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  • Ignore the original person
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  • other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If I were the original person I would prefer to just be told "straight up".
    Don't just ignore me or disappear off the face of the earth without reason
    Especially when we've been in contact for a while and our conversations have been great

    At ages 25-29 I really hope guys would have enough balls to be honest rather than just ignoring me


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  • It depends on if you want to keep in contact with the first girl? Personally, I'd let the first person know i could only offer friendship. It is quite heartless to allow someone to hang on , not knowing where they stand with you. Especially if you both have been slowly growing closer. In sitations like this, it is always best to be upfont, it prevents anyone being hurt and will be less stressful for you too.

  • I tell them straight up.


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