Girls, Can you fall for a guy before meeting them?

Met this girl on a dating site couple days ago, exchanged numbers and we plan for dinner next week. She seems to like chatting with me each day before our date though, even saying 'goodnight (myname) sleep well. xo'. I admit though its been nice chatting with her.

What's your experience if any? (please comment)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • pretty sure that's how most online relationships begin =]

    if there's a chemistry there and ur willing to explore that in person, then go for it!


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What Girls Said 3

  • I can "like" someone I met online, but I'll need to meet him in real life to decide if I "love" him.

  • Yes , if you know what each other looks like, if not then it is more like a blind date. The only problem is... when two people are chatting prior to knowing what each other looks like , you tend to build a false image in your mind of what they probably look like. Your brain seems to do this automatically. Then when you both see each other for real , it can be a disappointment... regardless of what the person looks like, because reality has destryed the false image.

    • destroyed*

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    • Yeah nice. Me and my ex also fell in love through text. But then after we saw eachother it was a bit awkward early on.

    • I think it works for some people and not others. It worked for me and i couldn't be happier or more in love 😊

  • Yes of course.


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