He is confused?

I have been dating this guy for almost a couple months , and i have told him i love him but he says he's confused when it comes to that.. what exactly
does that mean , should i worry when he says this? when im around its like he acts like he loves me but hasn't said it and just says he confused


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  • Some people aren't convinced you can be in love after that amount of time.

    While I tend to not fall into that camp, I can tell you that you've likely got somewhere between 6-18 months, maybe even two years before you know the real person.

    Some people are just careful / cautious. It could be that. I'd not get to worries just yet, based on what you described.

    • So should i not talk about it or push anything just go on with it?

    • I'm a fan of being open an accepting - discussing things without being pushy. I prefer discussing as opposed to avoiding, and moving from there (as opposed to constantly revisiting). however, remember you are still in the so called honeymoon phase of the relationship. You have time, no hurry right?

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