Not ready to date?

so im 25 never done anything not even a date, had 1 kiss. i kind of feel im not ready for it cus im broke, i live at home and my family is judgmental and im not very social, i tend not t know what to do in some situations. or even what to do with a girlfriend f i had one. im just alone and sick of it, friends dont help not that they dont try.


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  • Focus on yourself. Focus on where you want to go career-wise and focus on doing things for fun that you like doing. If it's not helpful, set aside what others think. Don't worry about not knowing relationship stuff - there's no age you have to know it - just think, lots of people have learned bad relationship habits.

    Get yourself to a place in life where you are okay (notice I didn't say perfect). That's the ideal time for a relationship.


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