Do people who set off to find 'the one' and only the one ever find it?

Or do you think they tend toward missed opportunity for something great?


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  • There is no "the one" and chasing that idea will only lead to pain, disappointment and missed opportunists


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  • It would be wiser to just be open minded, and treat the person we find as 'the one'. I wouldn't say that opportunities would be missed, but 'the one' is usually a myth.

    • I feel like the men I've been meeting lately have a very narrow idea of what they are looking for and if you don't check all the boxes they ignore your good qualities. I'm in shape slightly above average, smart, make good, money, kind, slightly goofy. But I've had guys tell me they prefer taller women, smaller chested, blonde... It's like the. Why have you been dating me for month as this isn't me?

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    • What a jerk!
      It's so unfortunate. People who just want a genuine relationship with no drama, such as you and me, always end up with the wrong kind of people.

    • I'm partially to blame. I just need to get better at realizing the signs that things aren't heading to a long term relationship and being more up front that is what I want. This one knew that is what I wanted and talked about the future but I could tell he wasn't fully in it emotionally.

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