Do boyfriend n girlfriend need to text each other everyday? ... Even if u r not in a serious 9 month but he calls u his girl n barely talk via phone?

Question says it all.


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  • My wife and I always texted no matter how busy at least once even if it was just a goodnight or good morning. We ever went a day without any sort of communication during our gf/bf days. Its just a small way to show your thinking of them. However we was always a serious relationship since day 1.

    • Exctly... So y is he making more time for other things? ..

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  • well my boyfriend and i text everyday even we live together.. when we are at work, we still text each other about some funny things or maybe just a kiss... we normally don't call unless FaceTime. but text is still more flexible and we don't talk a lot via FaceTime either...


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  • If I am "his girl" he better be talking to me every single day on text. Otherwise he wouldn't be "my guy"

    And bloody hell 9 months! My god! That's serious as it gets too! How can it not be serious?

    • My thoughts exactly but he makes time for other things than me.. what gives..

    • Wtf! My guy is busy at work yet he sends me messages to make sure I'm ok. Exactly what gives with your guy? That shit ain't cool girlie

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