I liked this guy for a long time yet I'm dating someone else?

There is this guy that I have liked for a while (almost a year). A couple months ago I started dating someone else but I still like the other guy. I can't help but still get nervous everytime I see him still. I don't know if he feels the same though which is why I started dating someone else. Is this wrong? Have you ever been in this position?


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  • I haven't been in this position personally, but two of my best friends have:
    She was dating another guy (who she is on friendly terms with now), and that's when he met her and she liked him too but was dating said other guy.

    After a few months she broke up with her boyfriend and started dating my friend; long story short, they've been together for about 7 years and married for about 2.

    I would say if you and your current guy aren't that serious, then why not?

    • I liked this guy before I started dating the other one though. What do you mean by "why not?" Im confused about that part.

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  • Then stop dating the guy you've been dating and ask out the guy you like.

    • but I don't know if he likes me at all. Isn't it better this way then dating no one? Wouldn't this be a good way of getting over him?

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  • Choose one. Don't lead the one on just because you are un sure.

    • But I don't know if the guy I like likes me back. Isn't it better to date someone else to help get over that person?

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