What is up with this guy?

I was just out with my friends and we ran into some friends of my ex and he was with them. They came to us in a bar and we had some fun but while we were there my ex wouldn't even look at me. I tried to be nice and said that his new haircut looks good on him but he acted like he didn't hear. Also at that bar was his new girlfriend. He always went to her and she would sit on his lap and stuff. Then a couple of us went to buy some wine and we sat somewhere in a park and drinked. He joined us as well.
As I drank I got more relaxed and I tried to play cool with him. I was acting careless you know? Like we're just friends, but he still wouldn't look at me? So later on a friend of mine came to greet us and he's a flirt so he flirted with me without thinking and I flirted back. That's when my ex finally gave me some attention. He looked at us and he was checking my friend out. Later on I sad to him (my friend) that I'll walk him home since he lives near the park and while he was saying goodbye to the others my ex was just staring at me and when I stared back he looked away.
When I came back my friends were teasing me but he was quiet. Later on he drove all of us home. While we were in the car he said that he didn't say anything about driving me home and I said that he shouldn't be mean, that I'm trying to be nice. He was just quiet about that. Then when I talked to one of his friends he imitated me? I have no idea what's his problem. I care about him but I want to be friendly, so why can't he be? Please give me some opinions. xoxo


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  • I think he is trying to play cool. I think he is trying to be over the break up and you. I do commend you for still being friendly and nice to him even though his behavior sucked. He should be lucky that you talked to him. Some exes believe in being friends and sometimes others don't believe in being friends. But being cold and distant like he was. He will never forget about you because an ex is always fully hard to forget and supress in are memories. That is why he is dating another girl to try and forget and move on.

    • Yeah I know... But he should at least try. I mean his friends are my friends too, you know? And we'll probably hang out sometimes again in the future. Though I forgot to mention that his 'new girlfriend' is actually also his ex. He was with her before he started with me. Though WITH HER he always remained friends, not like with me as you see.

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    • Yup... Now at least I know where I stand, that it's over and that I have to move on.

    • Yeah that is true and good. Well at least you can move on better. And I hope you can find somebody who you click with and have a great connection and strong chemistry with.

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  • He doesn't care.

  • He took what you said the wrong way :( it happens.


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