Gift for my boyfriend?

All months we give something small to each other for our anniversary. For the 1st I didn't gave him anything; for the 2nd I made him cookies; for the 3rd one any of both gave each other something because we broke up for two days; for the 4th I gave him a picture of us; for the 5th I gave him a t-shirt; for the 6th I gave him a shower gel with his favorite chocolates. And tomorrow we will be 7 months together and I have no idea what to give him! I was thinking maybe to write him a letter or make him a card but I want to give him something else. What could it be?


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  • The letter or card sounds good. Maybe make a picture collage or photo album of the fun times you and him shared. Maybe make or buy a cake that says happy anniversary. You can buy him something from his favorite sports team. You can get him a video game, dvd of his favorite movie, a hat, etc the list goes on and on.


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