How do you no when its time to move on from a relationship?

Okay so I been going out with this guy for about 11 months now and I just feel like we are loosing our spark a lot of things have been going on with me and him

and I just feel like he slowly but shortly slipping away I feel like he's wants attention from other people as in other females and sometimes I feel like breaking up with him because I feel like he's not showing me attention any more he always has an attitude and when something doesn't goes his way he gets all mad I feel like he's getting attention from someone else i feel like he is focused on something else or someone else and I wanna call him out on it but I dnt no what to say fully to him someone please help


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  • That is your time, when you have the words and pure evidence on whats going on? Don't hold back, your time is now. Months means nothing, its the way you two feel about each other, and if you feel as if the spark is gone, then it is. Break up with him before he breaks up with you, you will regret when he does. So take action before he does..


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