Guys, what do the following things mean to you? Do they mean something more or nothing in particular?

Holding hands; your girl sitting on your lap; posting her pics on fb, snapchat; liking all of her pics on fb and ig.

I'm asking this becasue my ex did post me sometimes, he did like some of my pics, but we never held hands because I'm not into that to be honest and we weren't that public and cheesy.
But now he's dating his ex again and he's like that with her all the time. Posts her pics on snapchat, likes EVERYTHING she posts, they hold hands etc etc.
I'm really not into those things but now they seem to make me jelous, so I want to know from a guy's perspective what does it mean?


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  • Maybe the girl he dating wanted to do those thungs and he went along with it. In thinking maybe she wanted him to posr all that stuff. That sucks that it makes you jealous. Don't let it bother you. If you wanted to ger him jealous you can post pics of you with your guy friends.

    • Yes it does suck and I do that. Post picks with guys and all... But do you think that its a sign of love or something? I'm really upset that he moved on so quickly...

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    • Yeah that is true. That can be another possibility. If it's not real love then they will not last.

    • Yes agreed.

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