Help.. Help.. Boyfriend on Tinder?

I was picking songs to play with his phone and suddenly something popped up... And it was TINDER!!! I'm pretty sure it said "you found a new match"
My friend had told me about this two days that's why I knew what it was a little bit..
I honestly don't know much about Tinder.. But i assumed it was only for hook-up so I asked him about it and he told me he doesn't use that for that reason he only reads "about me" part because some of are really funny or something.. I still didn't believe him and he almost cried and you don't believe me.. You not gonna believe me whatever I say anyway...
Do you think him saying that he reads "about me" Is it an excuse or can it be true? I'm just trying to be objective about this... but I just want some advices... I pretty much broke up with him but just in case I don't want to be wrong...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Haha, so wait, he said he uses Tinder for funny profile descriptions? That is like the worst excuse I've ever heard... I would really press him on this, might want to leave him.

    • Right? I was likd do you want me to believe that bull shit? But the way he has been treated me... It's just so...

Most Helpful Girl

  • Completely inappropriate and not ok. He needs to delete it and he needs to give you a better reason for it then the bullshit one he came up with.

    • We were in a car driving back home so he was like let's talk about it when we get home... And I was like no I don't wanna talk about it... And then when we got home (I had to pick up stuff) he already deleted it and he was giving me same excuses so I left his place...
      I actually just said I love you to him day before but he never answered... And while he was driving me back home (after picking up stuff) he suddenly brought up that saying "I only didn't say I love you because I know once I say it I'm gonna get affect.. I'm afraid to be hurt" something like that...

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  • 41% of women on tinder are already in a relationship

    And from my point of view them 41% of women shouldn't be in a relationship.. Don't even deserve someone


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe the about me sections are funny. Why don't you give it a search.

    • Yeaaa I was trying to understand him so I downloaded when I got home and most of them were just boring

    • Ohh well then I guess you got your answer.

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