Does a guy remembers if a girl was mean to him during childhood?

My cousin is currently seeing this guy (both are now my age, in their early 20's) whom she was very mean to during his early school years and also in 7th grade. At the same time, she did kind of liked him too.

If a girl broke his toys, tripped him, had others escorting him out of an event at a school gym (among other stuff), would he still remember that? The guy never brought it up though.
She has pretty much admitted to me to being like a bully at the time.


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  • It depends on the specific guy, but yeah, it sounds like he had a rough time, and people don't easily forget stuff like that. Bottling something up and not mentioning it does not mean that they forgot it.

    On the other hand, considering they are going out now, he may have moved on from it, and doesn't care anymore.


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