Stayed friends with someone I used to date-realised I still have feelings for them what do I do?

So he's not really my ex but we used to date for about 4 months a year ago initially it ended badly but then agreed to be friends.

Haven't seen him until recently and I wasn't sure if it was a date or as friends but we played went clothes shopping, played mini golf and went for drinks and it's become clear that we are just friends. I really feel like I can't keep talking to him over social media and meeting up because I clearly still like him as more so what should I do?
I would feel too rude to ignore his texts but if I still reply but just never meet him again it's still hearing from him.
I just want a fresh break because I haven't really had that from him apart from a couple months now and again and to not hear from him at all but it will freak him out I think if I tell him how I'm feeling?
Help please :(
  • Tell him straight
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  • Ignore all texts/messages from him
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  • Be civil but just don't meet up with him again
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  • Play it cool. Timing in the past might have been off, clearly it's not over and obviously you both enjoy one another in terms of ti

    • Sorry, was saying in terms of time and attention

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    • Women need labels, men are terrified of commitment for fear of failure... so just go with it, hang out and spend time but try and refrain from sex until monogamy is established... He'll respect you for holding out. Nothing worse than having to share your man sexually with another, and this is the dangers when monogamy isn't established, and why us women push for commitment... but if they're not ready to commit to just you, then don't give up the goods, make him want it like you want commitment.

    • You're worth it and your welcome

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