How do you cohabitate with a man when he is not as clean as you?

I am super clean and organized while the majority of men are not. I have to have my clothes folded at all times, dishes washed, floor vacuumed daily, bathroom spotless, and things organized. Most guys kinda throw their clothes on the floor and don't really clean. Every guy I have dated has been like this. My boyfriend wants me to move in but I don't want to live in filth. How do you live with a man without going crazy?


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  • floor vacuumed DAILY? that´s too much even for most normal girls... you just have to find one with a cleanliness obsession.

    • Well high traffic areas get vacuumed more often. I hate crumbs and dirt on the carpet. When I see dirt I vacuum.

    • i guess you get used to it, if you have pets... because you´d have to vacuum all day, to get every hair.

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  • Not all men are like that.

    I shower and clean my room everyday

    Can't stand dirt

  • You would suit me perfectly. I'm a neat freak :P

    • I get stressed if everything is a mess and out of order

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