How can I confront him about his lies?

Me and this guy both like each other... I think. He has told me for months that he likes me. We haven't done anything yet though. I've asked him before if he's flirting with other girls, he has told me no. He has told me he wants to cuddle with me, but not anymore. He says he still likes me but he doesn't want a girlfriend atm, and that's why he doesn't wanna cuddle right now. He doesn't wanna hang out outside of school for the same reason. At school he's super flirty with me though and whenever I talk to someone he listens and tries to join the conversation. I asked him yesterday if he still likes me, and he said yes.

I just found out that he, recently, made out with another girl. He has been flirting the same way with her (through text).

He lied to me. He hung out with someone else and kissed her, despite not being willing to do that with me, who he likes so much? I found out about this by doing some casual stalking, as you do when you like someone. And I went to the girl's social media and asked her about him, anonymously.

I don't tolerate people lying to me or treating me badly. How can I let him know that I know without revealing that I stalked him? I don't wanna start a fight with him either. I just simply wanna know what game he's playing...

Could I pretend I got an anonymous message from someone telling me to stay away from him, because he's seeing another girl? He's kinda dumb so I don't think he would suspect anything.

I'm thinking about making a screenshot of a fake message and showing it to him, politely telling him that I got it and I wanna know if he knows who sent it and that I want him to know that people talk about him like that. But I don't know how to ask him about how he feels about me. Help me please? I would appreciate it so much. He's already "scared" of relationships so I don't wanna be too pushy about it. And I wanna be cool with him because we have so much fun together at school.


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  • Although he lied to you... I don't think your reaction should be as it is.
    Although you both like each other... at this point, since you both are un-official he has no obligation to you.
    I would support you at confronting his lies, if you both were together.

    Realistically, if I liked a guy.
    And we spent months just liking eachother, and not doing anything about it.
    Why would I continue to put my life on hold?
    When I don't know if it will ever blossom.

    I think you should try to blossom with him.
    He won't wait for you forever.
    There comes a point when people lose interest when feelings aren't reciprocated.

    • "I think you should try to blossom with him.
      He won't wait for you forever."

      I'm currently the one waiting on him.

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    • Because apparently he's not ready for a relationship, therefore his not ready to kiss me because when he likes someone he takes a step back. He's scared he or I want a relationship when he's not ready. He doesn't want any of us to get hurt. That what he says. I just don't understand why he'd go kiss someone else then if he's not ready. And if you like someone, why would you flirt with someone else, telling them you want to kiss them etc?

    • Okay, that was important information that wasn't given.
      Well that fact is, he isn't ready for a relationship.
      I don't think you should waste anymore time on him.
      He is ready for the physical part but not the emotional/committed part.
      I think you should stay clear of him for those reasons.

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