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Hey! Yesterday I met a boy in a party, he gaves me his number and I sent a message. He has responsed me but I haven't responsed him yet, because I wanna be cool, so I want your recommendation, how I have to speak with a guy that I have just met? How to be funny and interesting to speak with?

Thanks you so much


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  • Just be yourself, don't be something your not. Just talk to him like a new friend. At the end of the day, if you want to this guy to like you, make him like you for who you are. If he doesn't like you, so what? plenty more fish out there.

    Don't afraid of dealing cards at least you might have a chance of winning jackpot. But you also have accept getting into relationships, getting hurt comes with territory, and you have just to ask yourself, have you got enough confidence and strength to handle it.

    Also don't invest more than you can afford to lose, you don't want to be left emotionally bankrupt if things go south.

    • dealing your card ^^

    • If you like this guy, don't keep him waiting, cause that could back fire on you. He might decide to play the waiting game with you as well. But just take it one step at a time, and don't get too carried away, its better to try and get to know him first, find out what his true motivations. You almost have to paranoid in today's society, because there are people out there willing to abuse your trust.

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  • When you first talk to a guy you want to be a mystery to him so that he will want to try and get to know more withought loosing Interest quicker. What I mean by being a mystery is not revealing too much info about yourself otherwise the conversation will end on not having anything else to talk about. If he asks you a question about you, don't blabber a whole-life story you need to keep him guessing "who is this girl? I want to know more!" Then he will continue asking more questions. And lastly I know you may of heard this advice a billion times but: Be yourself!
    Hope this helps :)


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  • If he gave you his number, that means that he liked the way you were. So just act the same way you acted that night!


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