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I'm in love with my best friend. Guys, if your best girl friend had feelings for you would you wanna know? Debating on whether I should tell him


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  • How long have you two been good friends for?

    • We've been friends for about a year, we've become very close about 6 months ago. We do almost everything together

    • More than likely he feels the same. For the most part, guys don't spend time with girls to nourish just a friendship. But like anything, your situation is unique.

      I feel the best way to communicate this to him would be in person, via a note you hand him.

      Thus, you won't get the jitters during a verbal confession, and he can't ignore you after he knows. You'll see how he feels by paying attention to his body language as he's reading it.

      Wish you two the best.

  • That's what usually winds up happening. The thing is though, you typically become best friends with your girlfriend, you don't date your best friend


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