Decisions, confusion and agony?

Good evening, I'd like to take your thoughtful opinions on my situation. I'm dating a girl, which later on I knew that she's with someone else. Although she say she loves me, and doesn't love the other guy, and the only reason she's bound to him is for his deeds, which consist of sticking with her through life-risking situations such as surgeries etc. Thus she cannot leave him. Although, me on the other side being torn apart, as you know him being a guy and have needs, she's forced to do her duty.. Such news just tear my heart asunder. My friends say dump her, but I love her.. I am confused, and when she say she love and need me, I just can't turn my back on her, after /three/ years of being together.. I've withstood the agony for thre years and it still get worse, happiness bound to heartache. I don't know what to do, I can't think clearly as my vision is clouded. Please help me, I'd appreciate it if you're thoughtful.


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  • If a girl tells you she loves you she really means it! Maybe she feels torn so try to give her some time but you could talk to her about it so she understands. 'Some' girls look for certain qualities we want in a man but some have most than others , dont try to put pressure yourself or this girl your dating just talk to her and she will listen. Hope this helps

    • Talk to her about what? She knows I love her and vice versa, we've been dating for three years despite she's with someone else that god knows what he's doing with her, like few days earlier.. Which is what I meant by the ''News' in the details above. She wants me not him, although his advantage, being with her when I'm not weaken my faith, as it endured for three years already and I'm beat, but when she say she love me or feel the sadness in her words I just can't turn my back, yet I keep thinking over and over.

    • If that's the case I would say you should try to let her get on with this other guy. If she still isn't leaving this other guy for you then leave her. Be the one that got away

    • It's complicated.. She also need him cause he got citizenship in a country which her work and future based on.. She said she wants me, I'm convinced she should go with him but the heart say otherwise.. She say she don't know.. As for us? I'm just waiting for the moment that guy makes his move.. Can't do much unfortunatel.

  • You should leave her.

    • Each time we try to split we get back to each other like magnets, it hurts to turn my back to her, yet knowing there's someone else over there with her is crucifying.

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