Does this guy actually like me?

Im 20 not 30!! But anyway I started dating this guy in May. He treated me so well, all of our dates were great, he really made an effort. I gradually started to like him until in July he decided to end things because he felt he was too busy at work. We stopped talking for month. Recently he got in contact and it was like old times. We went for dinner yesterday, he was saying stuff like I've missed hanging out with you and he held my hand when we were walking around. I ended up spending the night at his place. It was nice being around him again. It was exactly like before, when we're together it's like we're a couple. he's told me he will have more free time from October because his working hours will be different but he didn't specifically say it about seeing me, it was just in general.
I cannot lie, I really like this guy, I never stopped even when we weren't but I'm also very scared that he's going to suddenly drop me again and disappear.


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  • Yeah I think he likes you but he should prove it more. The problem I think is that he might disappear again if he feels pressured or stressed out. Just go with the flow.


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