Are these reasonable standards?

So I want to start this by saying my general standards aren't written in stone. If you have most but not all of the attributes and we hit it off good deal. I've dated enough to know what my deal breakers are and let that be more of a guide then my list.

- kind, ability to empathize with others
- don't have to be funny but I need to hear a laugh every once in a while
- Not negative most of the time and makes me happy in his company (not putting me down)
- financially independent. So not living off of anyone else at the moment with enough in savings for 3-6 months.
- gives physical affection
- able to establish and maintain an emotionally intimate relationship.
- taller than me by a few inches (I'm 5'4)
- smart
- good dental hygiene

I'm in awesome shape, slightly above average attractiveness solid 7, high paying job, smart, money in savings, goofy funny and caring. Not looking for pretty boys a little extra is fine. My cons- I travel for work often but rarely on weekends, I'm very strong willed and motivated so it is hard to speak up to me but if someone tells me they don't want to do something Then we do something else. My weeks are planned out in advance.

What does your list look like and what do you think?


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  • It's better to have a deal breaker list than a want list. Try writing one up.

    • Thanks if you read the first paragraph I mention my deal breakers heave more weight than my want list. But basically everything on my wish list except the last three turn them around and they are on my deal breaker list.

      Smart has subcategories as not all smart is good smart and some men like to talk down to women no matter what the topic or who knows more. But yeah my want list is short my no-go list is longer but basically it reads as don't disrespect me, hit me, overly dependent early on, trust me and be trustworthy. The list goes back in my direction as well. If I can't be honest with a guy I'm out.

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    • Oh don't worry you don't sound condescending. But you don't sound like a person with a professional background in emotional psychology quite either.

      Empathy is a basic emotional amongst mammals. If rats can readily experience it and you can't I'd seek an evaluation. That isn't me being harsh but I see this problem almost 20 and indeed due to screen time but at 35 if you can't experience empathy either you've been abused or isolated. Best

    • Are you saving the damsel in distress since she's bantering with a CEO/Serial Killer? How empathetic of you.

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  • I think everyone deserves to be picky. If you have a lot to offer. Or think you are someone worth what you are asking for don't ever settle. It might take a while to find someone that will fit your list but when you meet that person it'll be worth it.. And you'll be happy that you didn't settle..


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  • no, these seem like good standards to have for a guy. as long as you're able to reciprocate most of these things in return, which by what you said you can, so good for you girl!

  • It is reasonable since you are of a high calibre.


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