Are all girls crazy? Are all people crazy when emotions are involved M&F?

Honestly at one point in time I thought , this girl i'm dating is "crazy".. perhaps this is a one off and maybe the next girl would be different.. but then after comparing stories of girls with several other males... they ALL seem to have some ridiculous stories.

Any thoughts on this.. do males make females go crazy and vice versa or what?

Or is everyone crazy to a certain extent you just have to be comfortable enough to reveal it?

Let me know what you think..


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  • I think that every girl is "crazy".. There's a funny quote I saw which I think is true. "If she doesn't scare you, she doesn't love you.."


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  • All girls are crazy. There is no more too it. So just pick your favourite kind. I can't offer you any more advice than the above.

  • pretty much. if that's what u wanna hear.


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