Situation with a guy that has a girlfriend, help?

There is this guy I've known for about 5 years and he's tried getting with me the entire time but i never really gave him the time of day, until now but I moved 3 states away from him, and only plan on going back for visits and see him. I told him that I didn't care if he did stuff with other people then found out from one of his tweets that he has a girlfriend and of course i got mad and he said I was making it to be more than what it is, he was never trying to hide the fact, he never lied to me, everything he said he meant, and he never looked at it as a side piece situation but see how i thought that. Like i said before, he's trying getting with me for years and I rejected him every time but unlike most guys he never talked bad about me and stuff like most guys do and I appreciate that. It's a tough decision because I know i can't be mad and it'd be selfish to want/ expect him to stay single, etc just because that's what I want. Mostly I'm scared that eventually I'm going to get attached and he fall in love with her then toss me to the side. And I'm not the type to mess with dudes that's even talking to another girl yet along one with a girlfriend. Has anybody been in a situation like this or something similar and if he doesn't see this as a sideline situation.. what other "situation" could it possibly be. Thank you in advance:) [if there are any misspelled words, i wrote this on an android tablet LOL]


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  • A: You should awkwardly tread on eggshells around this guy with a girlfriend who wants to fuck you.
    B: You should fuck this guy who has a girlfriend.
    C: You should tell his girlfriend.
    D: You should cut contact with this loser and live your life.

    Ask the audience.
    Phone a friend.

    • Fucking stupid gag coders made those emojis.

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