If I was to go for a coffee with another girl?

Basically I've been official with my girlfriend just over two months now yet all of a sudden I just feel like she doesn't really care about me all that much. Her mum often tells me that they've talked and that she is really into me and things like that, but she just isn't the type to show it. But it annoys me sometimes because I feel her mum is just saying that to make me feel better and it might not even be true. But also the fact that her mum does have to kind of be in the middle of this relationship because my girlfriend makes me feel insecure as it is, that she kind of feels she has to.
Now I do love my girlfriend to bits. I just don't know how she feels about me, and I am really insecure and unhappy in this relationship.

But there's a girl on my Facebook who I've never met but we've been talking on there for a few years now every now and then and become pretty close friends. She's also having relationship troubles at the moment and has confided in my trust so much. She's just invited me out for coffee some time and I'm debating whether or not to do it or not. She said to me "we could both use the company really" and she's right about it. I just am a little unsure.

What would you do?


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  • I get the impression you want more than just company with this girl. If not why would you try to make your girlfriend look like she doesn't care about you. Guys who want to cheat or who do cheat always play the victim. Oh pity me my girlfriend doesn't care , she treats me bad. That way it eases your guilt when you cheat.

    She stated you could both use the company, so it is obvious you are playing the victim to this girl, and slagging your girlfriend off to her... in a nice way so she pity's you.

    • In all honesty, it isn't really like that. I was just wondering how my girlfriend might actually take it if I was to have coffee and meet up with another girl. I wouldn't dream of cheating on her at all.

      Now I haven't really slagged my girlfriend off to her apart from just telling her how I'm feeling, how I feel like I'm giving her all my love and getting nothing back from her at all. I've nearly 100 questions on here mostly aimed at her making me feel unhappy, that's how bad I am actually feeling. I really care for her so much and don't want to leave her because when I am with her, she makes me happy but a lot of the time I'm unhappy as well and honestly don't know where I stand at times and it hurts

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    • Well I did wonder if it was attention seeking or not but I still wouldn't let anybody go through it, she was clearly craving some attention though and needed to feel something. I don't think she really has friends or family.

      I don't want to leave my girlfriend because she is special to me, yet it just is complicated because I often wonder where I stand with her. I don't even like this other girl any more than friends, but I'm the caring type as well where I want to be there for someone and try help them the best I can. I'd be no different if it was a guy. But just because it's a girl it means I'm somehow more interested in her than my girlfriend. And just because I'm being a bit of company for someone to talk to and confide in, it apparently means I'm sleeping with them or want to

    • I didn't mention you wanted to sleep with her. It has nothing to do with that. I just think meeting up with a girl from FB is so disrespectful to your girlfirend and humiliating for her too. I would never ever meet up with a guy for a coffee , regardless of him needing a friend, as it would be totally disrespectful to my boyfriend. Plus i wouldn't give the guy the satisfaction in knowing i would trade company with him over my boyfriends. My boyfriend comes before anyone... even someone in dire straits.

      Going for a coffee with another girl is crossing over a boundary of a relationship.. even if it is to be her friend

      All i can suggest, (you seem determinded to meet up with her) is to tell your girlfriend about this girl and your intentions. That you feel sorry for her and she needs a friend. If you can't bring yourself to tell your girlfirend, then you should question why you can't

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