Guys, Is this how guys act when rejected?

So there's this guy who I like.. Bit of history going on.. He liked me first, i didn't... Then i liked him, he didn't like me back... Now i had left the country for a few months and he said it would be better to not have contact.. So now i'm back and the first time I saw him he ignored me so I didn't say anything either until later that evening he was like: 'Hi to you too *my name'.. So after that I tried to act normal without letting him know I still like him.. But he kept picking fights and watched my every move, didn't like my facial expression, accused me of looking mad and jealous when he was talking to a girl (not true, I know the girl's boyfriend so LIES) Also, he made a comment when I said I didn't want him like that anymore he said 'yeah wait until tonight' but later that evening he got ma d at me again because e was accusing me of doing things I never did.. Now after that he blocked me and isn't talking to me, even though he told my friend the same evening of the fight that he knew he was wrong and shouldn't have done it, yet he still blocks and ignores me. Whaaaat the is going on here i'm soooo confused.


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  • It's the hard to get game. He is hoping all his nonsense will get the better of you and you will be chasing him to find all the answers to the questions he has put in your mind

    • So now what do I do? Nothing right? That'll frustrate him even more? I just think his pride will get in the way, he'll never admit to anything -_-

    • You are exactly right , it will frustrate him to no end. The pride thing is on him , if he had rather let the chance to be with you pass because he can't or won't set his pride aside no one but him can change that

    • Okay.. Thanks for the advice! I wouldn't even be able to talk to him because he blocked me on whatsapp haha! I'll just do nothing then.. If it's meant to be, it'll happen.. If not.. Then nothing.. Ughhhhh annoying though -_-'

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