At what age does it become considerable harder to get a partner of you've never dated before?

At what age does this happen?
  • 21-22
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  • 23-24
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  • 25-26
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  • 27-28
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  • 28-30
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  • 31-34
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  • 35+
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I mean if you've never dated.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I say pretty early on - over 20...

    • Why that early?

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    • Did you ever go to college?

    • Yes. College makes you a stronger person - that's where you develop more of your communication skills. Helped me a great deal. =)

Most Helpful Guy

  • From the results it does seem the more older the more difficult if you lack any prior experience or completely lack Any experience at all.

    For girls and women it gets harder after 35 or somewhere around there and later because of that whole biological clock thing. But if they really do not want kids then that may not be such a big deal provided that they eventually find a guy that also does not otherwise it's a complete deal breaker and would be a total disaster.


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What Girls Said 1

  • When your old and on your death bed.

    • That means never.

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    • Yes. But the youth of today claim that if you're not experienced by about 20, you'll never get a partner.

    • Anyone that thinks that isn't a good person.

What Guys Said 2

  • It starts getting hard at 21-22 and it just gets harder.

  • 35+ (my sad personal experience - I'm 39 and never had girlfriend) :(

    • Has it always been that way? Any idea what caused your situation? I think you have another 15 years to go if you don't want to give up or quit, and I am assuming you have not wholely given up yet.

    • Unfortunately yes, it has always been that way... what caused the situation? I guess I'm too shy, and I had problems with unrequited love (4 times in my life) :(

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