I love him more than he loves me?

When it comes to my boyfriend, I get this pain in my heart because I love him so much and don't ever want to lose him, I look at him as if he's the world, I'd give up any plans to see him and would do anything for him, if he's sad I won't focus on anything else other than making him feel better. I don't think he feels this way about me, sometimes it feels like he puts everyone else before me and even his friend said if he were to say stuff to his girlfriend that my boyfriend says to me, she'd kill him. I don't want to leave him because I'd rather go through this and be with him rather than be without him.


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  • I am sorry about that. That is positive for him, but unfortunately it is very negative for you. Is he abusive towards you? Does he behave like an asshole? If yes, then I think you should leave him and find someone who deserves your love and reciprocates it as well.


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