Can y'all help me?

My friend ex likes me. He wants me to go out with him. Just when I am about to say yes, my friend breaks up with her boyfriend and bam. She wants to get back with him. So he tells me we can still go out and she will never find out. I tell him she will and all that. So I tell him go back out with her please. He says no. So I say go back out with her do it for me please. He says no. Then I tell him that I felt like I destroyed y'all relationship and he tells me. You didn't I am gonna ask her back out. I said yay then he did this 😒 and yeah. He hasn't asked her back out yet and he likes me and I like him. But I don't want to do something that will get in the way of there relationship. What do I do?


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  • You are doing the best thing that you can do already by giving them space and time. In all honesty the fact he wanted to take you out and saying she will never find out makes me feel he is a player to begin with. Watch and learn this guy , their getting back together may be a blessing in disguise to be honest. If he was willing to risk her in order to go out with you , would he risk you for the next pretty face to come along? Watch him and learn him before you get in a hurry and end up hurt

    • Your right. But she broken up with him and he wouldn't do that would he

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    • I won't get involved with him

    • Rather than get hurt by stupid little kid games you may be better off to let this fish swim

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  • This is a really tough one. Look, I don't think you should get involved with him. Your friend still wants him. You should either discuss this matter with her or forget about him.


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