What does "hanging out" even mean?

When we were first getting to know each other, we only ever met in public places, like the movies, the zoo, etc. like once a week. Now we see each other usually twice a week for 6+ hours at a time, but unless I come up with something, it's usually just us cuddling while watching movies at my house and grabbing something to eat.

We both really like each other, and it's been a little over two months.. but yeah. He is away right now for a few months and said he wants to keep seeing me and is looking forward to hanging out when he gets back. I mean obviously we are hanging out when we stay in and watch movies, but I'm also technically "hanging out" with my dog when I'm watching tv with him.

So what does it mean?


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  • Look, you're either fuckable or you're not. What's your point?

    • Thanks for the useless comment.

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    • I never should have told you about my Mom. All you do is spout off trite nonsense that doesn't even help me achieve a more honest relationship with her. So you have a master's then? Is that what you're telling me?

      Then again maybe you're on to something. I am pretty ignorant on the topic of psychology. Everything I know is from Jung Money's music videos, but I hear rap music suffers from pernicious sexist bias. Is that right? I honestly don't know. Please educate me.

    • Excellent.. If you use this approach, I'm certain that you will find a competent therapist that will provide you with the emotional support and guidance that you need. And they will most certainly appreciate your willingness to research their credentials and overall competence before making your decision, as it indicates that you are serious about working through your issues. Makes their job easier- can't help someone who isn't willing to help themself.

      I'm glad I could be of service... now that'll be $65.

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