Should I text him?

It's been well over 5 months since we texted one another. Yes 5 months. He's the type of guy who is rather shy, doesn't really initiate unless I do first and so forth. I believe actions are louder than words if he was interested wouldn't he reached out first? Or are there guys who would let an opportunity pass by fear of rejection?


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  • There are guys who would let an opportunity pass over fear of rejection... to be honest i'm one of them and am kind of in a sort of similar situation with a girl now. I would text him, a lot of times guys find it really attractive when girls reach out or make the first move.

    • I already texted him and he responded (surprisingly) I don't mind initiating first but sometimes I wish he would do it first. It sometimes feels like maybe I'm bothering him or he's not interested. But then again, he's shy and quiet. I mean, I'm shy too, but if I really like a guy I would get over it and try to get to know him

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  • A persons actions will tell you all you need to know. I honestly can't see how a shy person struggles so much to initiate even a " hello how are "- via a text message... just to show he is thinking about you. 5+ months is a long time for him to not get in touch.

    If he is used to you initiating the contact he may think you have lost interest , because you have not texted him in 5 months... you are both waiting for each other to text.

    If his fear of rejection prevents him keeping in contact with you , then you have to decide is he worth all of the effort you will have to put into the relationship. It wiil be a long struggle hard to get him to trust you and feel comfortable with you. So i guess it all depends on how much you want him to be part of your life, because all of the effort is going to have to come form you... it doesn't appear he will put any in.

    • Thank you so much for your response and your input. I completely agree with everything you said. Your response helped a lot.

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    • Thank you for the MHO 🌹💛 xx

    • You're welcome! 💜🌹

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  • You should text him!


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