Advice Please. Dating related. Help?

I stared seeing this guy on July 1. We have gone to movies, out for drinks, dinner and ice cream, gone for walks, etc. We also have slept at each other's houses. I like him a lot. He is sweet, kind, funny and very attractive. It is clear he is attracted to me too. We've had sex and done other sexual stuff and it's been really enjoyable for both of us. A few weeks ago he told me he had to move to another city for work. He seemed to be giving the option/would have seemed to understand if I didn't want to see him anymore but I said I did. The last time I saw him before he moved, he came to my place at 6, we ate with my mom and then we went back to his place. I got home around 3:45 AM. He talked about some sort of jump pass he is pretty confident he will get. I think he'd fly here for really cheap and he talked about coming back in October. Before we left he said asked my mom if he could stay here in October. I thought it was a big deal to ask her because I thought that was a pretty clear sign he's be coming. I also think there is no way he'd ask to stay here if he didn't want to see me and spend time with me. When he was driving me back I said I'd like to keep seeing him and he seemed to be fine and said we would play it by ear. When I got home we had a long hug and he said he would see me in a month and a half. I am wondering how I can be patient when I don't hear from him for a while. I know he is super busy and stressed. I heard from him two days ago. He has given me no reason to worry, but I can't help but worry- I worry about almost everything. I know he is occupied so I am not surprised he hasn't texted me, and I am sure he does not have the time to text me for no reason. My mom thinks I have to be prepared to not hear from him for a week or two. I am also wondering when is an good time to ask if he is for sure coming in October/will know the dates of when he is coming. How can I be patient? And what do you think we would play it by ear means?


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  • If you're both serious about this working then there's no reason why you wouldn't be in contact everyday

    • Thanks for responding :) I am serious about this working but I don't know how he feels. I haven't heard back since I last texted him and to be honest, I really don't want to text him again until he replies. I know he is busy and I do not want to annoy him.

      Assuming he comes here in October, I am going to tell him I am not interested in seeing anyone else and ask what he thinks. Because if we continue seeing each other there needs to be some ground rules set up.

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