Do guys look for other girls when they are in a bad relationship?

Why would guys develop feelings for another girl when he's in a relationship with someone else.


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  • Because it's easier to get over someone old, when you have someone new to occupy your thoughts.

    It's usually best to have a clean break, followed with time to reflect. however, there's people that can't handle anguish in solitude.

    ps i saw this question by looking on your page. sorry!

    • It's fine I need all the opinions I can get I'm obtuse to guy stuff .

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    • how've the past few days been at work?

    • It's always the same !!!

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  • The operative word here is BAD relationship... yes if it is a bad relationship he will be looking. I would assume so would a woman in the same situation.

    • This guy at work likes me but he has a girlfriend and he acts like he likes me and everyone says he does but how he has a girlfriend at first I thought it was sex but he's far from that.

  • Sounds like you're imagining how a guy might behave based on how you expect a women to behave. Men are different. There's an assumption that you're making, and it makes no sense.

    • This guy likes me but he has a girlfriend I don't know what kinda relationship they have but he won't drop it and I like him too I'm just more cold to him but the more cold the more he tries and I know it's not sex he wants.

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