Would you still be with your partner if they became extremely overweight?

So when you started dating, they were skinny/average maybe even a little chubby (depending on what you like) and then over the years they gained more and more weight to the point where theyre stuck on the couch barely able to walk. And you would have to help them by washing them, getting them things, etc.
And lets say you were really really in love with them.
  • I would continue dating them even if they became obese
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  • I would break up with them if they became obese
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  • Extra pickles please. *gets food* Damn i said no cheese. They always get my order wrong
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would most definitely stay with them... I would help them lose it all. It's pretty shallow to leave just because they gained weight, I mean it's possible to lose it. As I say, you're not fat, you HAVE fat, and it's possible to lose it. I'm lucky my boyfriend didn't leave me because I was overweight. He helped me to lose it all, and I feel so much better.


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  • I would only continue to date them if they made the effort to lose the weight.

  • Love is blind but we're going to the gym


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