Girls, I got rejected by a lot of chicks for being "too sweet". Does this make me a fuckboy?

I always ask out my crush, (different crushes at different times) every girl says no because I'm too sweet. Every girl that I crushed on in the past, Id flirt with her, send flower emojis, I've said things to them where theyve responded w/ "aww thats so sweet" or "awww thank you" stuff like that but I notice that girls tend to like bad boys, I never change myself to make my crush like me but I still get rejected for being myself "sweet" am I a fuckboy?
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  • Generally, when someone says a person is "too sweet" or "too nice" it's code for saying, "You're a nice person and all, but something about you (not the niceness) doesn't work for me."

    Flower emojis (or real flowers) and compliments are nice, but they very real. Do you ever get real with people? Does anyone know much about your interests and personality? Do you really know the girls you crush on well, or are you just trying to win over pretty faces? This is where a lot of nice people can go wrong - they get crushes on people and then build them up without any genuine connection or much knowledge about each other. They hide themselves behind a flurry of gestures hoping to build up "love tokens" so to speak. But love doesn't work that way - it's about more than exchanging pleasantries.

    I don't know you, of course, but this is one of the most common things that "nice" girls and guys do wrong.


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  • A fuckboy is usually a boy who gets a lot of girls by flirting. Most of the time he doesn't have any feeling for any of the girls. He sees it as a sport, the question "how many girls can you sleep with?" is usually what's on his mind. He would also brag to his friends for being that way. You do not sound like this.

    • I read that a fuckboy is a weak loser who can't get girls and can't get laid because he's too nice to girls

  • You need to switch up your game. You may be doing the same things other guys have. Your not a fuck boy but if you're "too sweet" its time to be a badass. Keep them wondering be that mystery guy. its cool to be nice but too nice... could be too much.

    • When I say sweet I mean flirting but that's it I did buy this one girl flowers and a teddybear for prom but obviously I got rejected

    • Im sorry to hear but maybe thats a bit much, flowers and teddy bears are used for romantic gestures. You don't want to approach a woman looking like your about to confess your love to her haha. You have to flirt with the girl compliment her style get closer to her day by day and when the time is right ask her out.

    • I wasn't in love with her I just thought at the time it would be nice to do and all the other girls said they wish their boyfriends did that

  • definition of a fuckboy is... Read my question. this is a fuckboy...

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  • No it makes you a good person.

    • Well thanks but What is a fuckboy, because from what I know a "fuckboy" is a nice or sweet guy who can't get laid (virgin guy) or is too shy to talk to girls and I am a little shy sometimes

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