How to tell a close friend who already confessed that she liked me that I like her back?

So during the summer one of my close friends confessed that she liked me, but I turned her down because I said I had feelings for another girl. Now I've realised that I too have feelings for my friend but I'm not sure how to go about it. I told her that me and the other girl didn't work out because she asked me how she was, so now she knows that I'm available. I don't want to seem like I'm just going from one girl to the other because I'm really not that type of guy, I've never had a girlfriend and I've only kissed one girl my entire life. So how can I show her my feelings? Should I be very bold or ease into it? Tonight she was crawling past me and I like playfully slapped her ass lol. She then asked me did you just slap my ass? and I just said nope like an idiot and then she like hit my arm playfully.


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  • Well it definitely sounds like she still likes you, so you shouldn't feel too scared to open up to her. Next time you see her I think you should just be straight forward and tell her how you realized awhile ago that you made a mistake by rejecting her and that you're really interested in her, or something along those lines.


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