So confused by this girl I like and unsure what to do :( please help?

So I met this girl online last Saturday, and we instantly hit it off. I've never met someone who has so much in common with me which is why I was so excited to talk to her. I got her phone number, and even friended her on facebook, which is where we did most of our chatting. We talked for the entirety of the weekend. Everything was going absolutely awesome. She told me she started school on Monday, so obviously I can understand that she would be busy. Monday night we talked for about another 5 hours, but she fell asleep so I said goodnight. Tuesday, when I saw that she was online, I sent her a message saying "Hey!" It showed that the message was delivered, but it is now Saturday and she still hasn't read my message. I'm always online with my phone so I can see that she has been online and posting stuff a lot. I texted her yesterday morning, Friday, and she told me that she was terribly sick and trying to sleep it off. I know she's not lying because she had people posting all over her page for her to get better soon. I said the same, and have not messaged her since. Now, i'm not sure what to do. I didn't say anything upsetting, or annoying or spam her really. But if for some reason she is annoyed I don't want to push it. Then again, what if she is just online waiting for me to message her? I'm pretty socially awkward... and she told me she is as well. But i'm still confused... do I just go for it and message her? Should i ask if she wants to keep talking or if i'm annoying her? Do I wait a while longer and see if she messages me? Any help/advice/opinions would be much appreciated...


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  • Message her! Take a chance!


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