What's he trying to do? Does he like me?

I just started college. On the first day, there was this guy who was standing in front of me to go into the class. He turned around and saw me, but then did a double take and started staring at me for like 10 seconds, but then turned back around. He never talks to me though, we haven't even said hi to each other lol. He does talk to other girls though, but looks at me when he does. Once, I was sitting in the hallway and he walked up by me and was about to sit close-by me, but then turned around and sat with a girl who was sitting right in front of me. He started talking to her, but was catching glimpses of me throughout until I got up and left. IDK? Maybe I'm taking his behavior the wrong way lol. What do you guys think? 💚
Another thing lol, we had a project in which we had to go around the class and get people's signatures. Everyone came up to me (guys and girls), but him. He was about to come up, but then turned around and sat back down.


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  • That's tough... he may have noticed that you knew he was staring at you. So maybe he's talking with other girls to kind of take the pressure off of him? That would be my guess. If you get the chance and he's sitting close to you maybe ask him something related to class. Take a chance. It's hard but I mean what's the worst that could happen?

    • Probably him thinking I'm a weirdo and that what I'm thinking is wayyyy off lol

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    • Your right, I'll try going up to him instead. Thanks 💗

    • Alright! Good luck! :)

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  • He likes you!


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  • He most likely doesn't know how to approach you or how to start a convo with you without making it awkward. Maybe waiting for you to come up to him or try talking to him to see how he responds.

  • just talk to him he seems like he likes how you look


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