Homecoming help?

Homecoming help?
This is (not the best picture of) me.

Homecoming help?
This is the girl I'm asking to HOCO (yes I know she's out of my league).
She's one of my good friends, and we flirt a little to each other from time to time. I'm asking her to HOCO on Wednesday after our JV game (the HOCO isn't until the next weekend). I'm going to give her a football with "You got a BAE to HOCO yet?" Is that a good idea?
Also since the dance isn't for another week and I'm also going to have a little birthday party the next weekend, how am I supposed to act if she says yes? Is she my "bae"? How do I act if she says no?
Also what do 16 year old guys wear to homeocoming?
Also how do I make an a**kicking mum?
Also any other advice would be helpful cause I'm kinda freaking out.


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  • Sounds like a good idea to me. It's creative, that's a plus. Try tossing her the football (underhand of course). If she says yes then just act happy and give her a hug. And try not to move too fast, see how homecoming goes and if you haven't invited her to your birthday yet then do it at the dance. Either wear a nice dress shirt and some slacks and shoes or just wear something decent. As long as it's different from what you wear every day. Try not to freak man, you'll be just fine I promise! Good luck!


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