Girls, Have you dated or would you ever date a guy who looked fit with his shirt on but was kinda chubby when he took it off? Was this a turn off?

Some guys look fit with their shirt on but when they take it off, they are chubby. Does this turn you off even though they look good in clothes and are only chubby? "Skinny fat" is the new term for such a body. Comments are even more welcome!
  • I have dated a guy who appeared fit with clothes on but was chubby naked
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  • I would date a guy who appeared fit with clothes on but was actually chubby when seen naked
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  • I would be totally turned off and this would be a deal breaker
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  • Other; I will explain below
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  • I see this too often. I wouldn't say its a turnoff or dealbreaker, but it usually does shock me.

    • What do you mean by often? As in one night stands or previous dates or friends?

    • Neither. I dont do one night stands. But like guys on the football field.. In class, they looks all fit nd buff. But when you see most of their bodies during football practice, it comes as a shocker

    • So you wouldn't mind getting intimate with one of them though?

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